EasyH10 [CUI] Version 0.13 beta released.

I am pleased to announce that EasyH10 [CUI] Version 0.13 is released with true multi-platform support. I compiled EasyH10 [CUI] on several POSIX-like operating systems such as Fedora Core, Debian Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, etc. woring on different CPU architectures such as Intel x86, AMD64, IBM Power PC, etc. I confirmed that EasyH10 [CUI] produced bit identical databases and playlists for all platforms tested so far. Although I distribute only the source code of EasyH10 [CUI], I'm pretty sure that you can use iriver H10 player on your favorite OS as long as you could compile it.

This release also includes a number of improvements and bug fixes for the CUI version.

* Microsoft Riff WAVE support for database construction.
* Much improved progress report.
* Much improved build script.
* Better usage of iconv library to reduce failure case.
* Bug fix around CRC calculation on big endian machines (e.g., Mac).
* Automatic supplement for path to a model template.
* Automatic supplement for pathname to a model template if no model template was specified.

I also wrote a manual for EasyH10 [CUI]. I hope this release will break through the limited support of operating system.


Posted by Naoaki Okazaki 2005-07-01

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