#12 Cannot Exit with 'X' . Also resolved issue:Easygui only save data in file with full path

v 0.97

From any screen (msgbox, enterbox, PasswordBox) that I insert any of the information, such as a string, and I try to save to file, only the file is actually written when I put the absolute path (full path) and not the relative path. Even if the file is in the same directory, I have to put the full path or the information is not saved.
This only occurs when using EasyGUI, once you put the relative or absolute path without using EasyGUI, the information is saved in the file normally. Does it only happen to me or is something specific module?

Thank you!


  • Stephen Ferg

    Stephen Ferg - 2012-10-02

    This is more likely to be an application logic error than a bug in easygui. I will correspond with you via email to work on this problem.

    Could you please email the python source code for two python programs, one which uses easygui and displays the problem, and one which does not use easygui and does not display the problem. Send them to easygui@ferg.org.

  • Cássio Oliveira

    Sorry, but until you said I had to reinstall python and now it's working. I think it was something on my machine. Anyway thank you!

    Now I have another problem (actually always been): I can not exit the program by the close button of the window generated by EasyGUI. Can maximize / minimize and restore but clicking the close button, nothing happens! I tested it on another PC but it works the same.

  • Robert Lugg

    Robert Lugg - 2014-11-18
    • summary: Easygui only save data in file with full path --> Cannot Exit with 'X' . Also resolved issue:Easygui only save data in file with full path
  • Robert Lugg

    Robert Lugg - 2014-12-15

    The system-level cancel (A red X in Windows) is now enabled for the command buttons. if a cancel_button is defined, the function returns its text. if not defined, None is returned.

  • Robert Lugg

    Robert Lugg - 2014-12-15
    • assigned_to: Stephen Ferg --> Robert Lugg
    • Group: Python 2.7 --> v 0.97
  • Robert Lugg

    Robert Lugg - 2015-02-05
    • status: open --> fixed

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