M. Bashir Al-Noimi wrote:

    Hi again,

I suggest to add full dependences with each distro, for example C/C++ distro must has GNU compiler, Python distro too need python package.. etc.

I think this request is very important cuz easyeclipse project created for making eclipse easy, so i think if the user downloaded one package (all in one) it's very nice and beautiful.

I tried to use C/C++ distro before and i suffered from downloading MinGW or CyGwin and from defining compiler paths, so i forced to leave easyeclipse C/C++ distro to use CDT4Windows.

I wish to get my request your satisfaction cuz it's vital option full whole users.


For distro size i think it's not a problem for users, cuz if the user want to run C/C++ distro correctly, he/she needs to download full compiler which it has many options not needed in C/C++ development so you can add only needed packages of compiler to the distro.

Hello, is there anybody ?!
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Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi محمد بشير النعيمي

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