debian lenny

  • cravendal

    cravendal - 2008-09-16

    hello, I am using the Debian Lenny, and I want to use easy eclipse for PHP. But in the Debian lenny the version of JVM is 6 and I can't to use it in this distribution. Anyone could help me? thanks and apologize for my english

    • Philippe Ombredanne

      humm.. this is bleading edge, and we have not tested that there for sure, though there should be no reason that it does not work.
      Which version and which error do you have?

  • Eduardo Folly

    Eduardo Folly - 2010-06-10


    I have just installed easy eclipse (Linux Lenny). But when I try to start:

    "JVM terminated. Exit code=127
    -jar /opt/easyeclipse-php-
    -os linux
    -ws gtk
    -arch x86
    -launcher /opt/easyeclipse-php-
    -name Eclipse
    -showsplash 600
    -exitdata 1a8007
    -vm /opt/easyeclipse-php-
    -jar /opt/easyeclipse-php-"

    Can anyone help me?


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