#103 Apparent Radrails/RDT conflict in 1.2.2 distro


Installed new 1.2.2 LAMP distro for Windows on XP laptop, configured for Ruby and Rails, switched to Rails perspective, created new Rails project. Project wizard never went away and only the project folder was ever created.

Logfile contained java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/ruby/people/rdt/internal/launching/RubyRuntime each time New Rails project wizard was run.

Searching the RadRails site yielded http://www.aptana.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1794 which reported exactly the same error when starting WEBrick server and the diagnosis was "If you have RDT 0.9.0 RC1 installed, that will break RadRails 0.7.2. You'd need RDT 0.8.1". Help/About/Plugin Details showed 1.2.2 distro uses RDT 0.9.0 RC1 and RadRails 0.7.2.

Uninstalled 1.2.2 distro and installed and created new Rails project without problems.

ja1@sanger.ac.uk (John Attwood)


  • Philippe Ombredanne

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  • Francois Granade

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    I've been exchanging emails with John - I don't have a resolution yet (not able to reproduce the problem) but I've added a (big enough ?) warning on the website. see for example http://www.easyeclipse.org/site/distributions/ruby-rails.html

  • Philippe Ombredanne

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    Thanks John:
    This is aknow issue and we are working on it. As as you said the short term workaround is to use the distro version 1.2.1.x instead.

  • James

    James - 2008-08-08

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    Using EasyEclipse for Ruby and Rails and I am having the same problem with creating new projects. I see the plugin versions are RDT and RadRails The New Rails Project Wizard never goes away. I have to hit cancel and then create the mongrel or webrick server manually.

    It's just an annoyance more than anything, but it does make the software feel unprofessional. Aptana has ruined RadRails with it's newer versions since you have to install all the useless Aptana bloat. I've been using RadRails 0.7.2 until recently finding EasyEclipse and am relieved to see it has stuck to the original look and feel of RadRails.


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