EasyBSD: 3.0 Released!

EasyBSD is a modular automation script designed to assist in the extensive post installation process that is required in FreeBSD. The following are modules that are included with EasyBSD, Checks, Update, Security, Networking, Firewall, and more...

The FBSD-DEV Team is happy to announce that after several hard working months of development EasyBSD 3.0 now released. There have been significant changes to EasyBSD to support the release of FreeBSD 7.0. Theses changes were not included in the earlier version of EasyBSD due to limited testing of FreeBSD 7.0. EasyBSD is not able to change versions of FreeBSD any longer, due to the changes in FreeBSD 7.0. EasyBSD is best used on a clean install with the version you want to use.

Another change is the output of the script. EasyBSD was mainly written for individuals who wanted assistance in correctly upgrading and updating FreeBSD system and ports. Because of that fact, we created as user friendly interactive interface as we could.

All other changes and modifications to EasyBSD 3.0 can be found as always in our Changes file included in the script, or on our Bug Tracker website.

I would like to give a personal thanks to the development for their dedication and hard work to making EasyBSD possible. Lastly I would like to inform all of our supporters and users that EasyBSD 3.0 will be our final release for now. Some development work will still take place, but major development and new features are no longer taking place. Minor modifications and patches will be posted. The FBSD-DEV Team and I thank you for your continued support.

Posted by FBSD-DEV 2008-07-12

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