EasyBSD-6.2-1.3 Released!

The development has been working on recoding the networking module to upgrade the Network Address Translation (NAT) functionality. After countless days and very long nights the dev team created the new and improved networking module. DHCPd is a new daemon that has been added to also help support NAT users. DHCPd is completely configured by EasyBSD based on the settings in the networking modules.

Another project we have been trying to get added to this project is anonymous statistics, which only currently allow us to monitor the number of times the script has been started and finishes. This addition is completely optional. As the project continues to develop, we will be upgrading this feature to include stats on configuration options, which allow the dev team to focus more on the modules most commonly used.

And finally we have made a lot of major changes all around each module. First being a new function ask_yesno which helps to eliminate a lot of repetitive code of yes and no questions from all modules. Second, because of some new functions perl is now required in order to run EasyBSD. However we have already added checks for perl in the checks module, if it is not found, the script will install it automatically.

Posted by FBSD-DEV 2007-10-06

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