EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator Project Launched

EasyBMPtoAVI is a cross-platform, easy-to-use application that converts a series of BMP images of any bit depth to an AVI movie file. EasyBMPtoAVI supports both command-line and interactive use, and a GUI version is also planned.

EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator was launched on May 19, 2006 with a command-line interface that has been tested on a variety of platforms (Linux and Windows) and compilers (MS Visual Studio, gcc, MinGW, Intel's icc). Currently, little-endian (e.g., x86) architectures are supported, but big-endian (e.g., PowerPC) support is coming soon.

This project will focus on ease of use and consistency across platforms. The project should be particularly useful for non-root users who need to frequently create animations from series of still images, such as scientific visualizations.

Today, we released Version 0.51 of the command-line edition. Changes include compatibiltiy bug fixes and performance tweaks on the output movie data, support for setting the copyright bit, and a new help function.

EasyBMPtoAVI Console Edition Version 0.51 source can be downloaded at


An outside library, EasyBMP, is also required to compile:


Alternatively, windows users can download a pre-compiled binary here:


Lastly, additional help is available at the project website:


The EasyBMPtoAVI project thanks SourceForge for its generous hosting and support! And we thank our end users for trying out our new software!!!

Posted by Paul Macklin 2006-05-22

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