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Version 0.59 Released

Version 0.59 is another major stability release.
ReadFromFile() and WriteToFile() have been reworked to
deal with repeated calls, corrupted files, and unexpected
bit depths more extensively.

Version 0.59 also adds complete write support for 1-bit
files. Now, EasyBMP fully supports 1, 4, 8, 24, and
32-bit files.

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-05-16

Version 0.58 Released

Version 0.58 fixes some big bugs in the ReadFromFile()
function. It also adds support for reading 1-bit files. Write
support for 1-bit files should be forthcoming.

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-05-14

Documentation Updated

I fixed some typos in the documentation, particularly in the code samples. I also included the rgb.tex file, which is required for LaTeX. (I thought I already had. :-)) -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-05-13

Version 0.57 is out!

Version 0.57 is primarily a stability release; it adds better
support and more robustness for reading corrupted and/or
truncated files. A truncated bitmap file should no longer
cause a program crash.

I also updated the user manual. Have at it! :-) -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-05-09

New documentation!

I just did a major revision of the EasyBMP documentation. This new release includes information on the changes to the EasyBMP library and how to use the new interfaces.

It's also a considerably shorter read. :-) For more information, as always, please see


Okay, thanks! -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-05-05

Version 0.56 Released

This release focus on improving palette support, bugfixing, and making vital variables like Height, Width, and BitDepth private along with functions for accessing and changing them.

For instance, the SetBitDepth(int) function correctly changes the bit depth and automatically creates and/or resizes the palette if necessary. By making this the only method of changing the bit depth, we can always guarantee that a BMP object has a correctly-sized palette. This, in turn, greatly simplies any code for changing a palette. (If we know the bit depth, we already know how big the palette is.) For other changes, please see the change log.

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-05-05

Version 0.55 Released

Version 0.55 is now released. This represents a major recoding for the project. Most notably, the previously separate classes for each bit depth (i.e., BMP4, BMP8, BMP24, BMP32) have been consolidated into a single BMP class. Pixels are represented internally in 32-bit format; bit depth only matters when reading or writing. This allows for simpler coding and direct copy and paste operations between images that were originally of different bit depths. ... read more

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-05-03

New Add-ons: Geometry and Font

Okay, here are some major add-ons: support for anti-aliased lines and circular arcs (geometry) and an anti-aliased, fully-scalable font. The nice thing about this font is that it is completely platform-independent. No TTF files or libraries required. Just a couple of simple header files. :-)

Please see http://easybmp.sourceforge.net/, and click the "Add-ons" link for more info. -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-03-06

Versions 0.53-0.54

I'm working with Ross in Oregon to get EasyBMP working with Visual Studio .Net. Hopefully, everything should be good with Version 0.54.

I hope to update the documentation when I get to Version 0.55.

Otherwise, if this proves to work with VS.Net, I'll make sure all my code examples are good for VS.Net with similar changes. -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-02-28

Version 0.52 Fixed

I found a bug in Version 0.52 that caused a compile error. I fixed it and re-uploaded. I'm not sure if the correct version will make its way onto all the mirrors, but I'm sure there'll be a version 0.53 soon. :)

To verify that the bug has been fixed in the copy you downloaded, check the EasyBMP_StandardColors.h file. All the BMP24 colors should be commented out. -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-02-20

Version 0.52

Version 0.52 is released! It has some minor bugfixes on greyscale palettes as well as updated standard colors. More of that will likely be forthcoming in 0.53.

As usual, please visit


for all the latest project news!

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-02-19

Version 0.51

Version 0.51 uploaded!

The most major change is support for 32-bit BMP files. (So if you want to include transparency/alpha blending data, go for it!) As usual, more news available at


Thanks! -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-02-15

Steganography and other sample code posted

I posted some fun steganography code created with the easyBMP library. (This hides text in an image by modifying pixel values.) I also have some other source code examples there, so check it out! All source code samples and EasyBMP addons are posted on the project website:


Thanks! -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-02-13

For all news:

Seek ye the project website:


Thanks! -- Paul

Posted by Paul Macklin 2005-02-13