EasyBMP 1.02 Released with better 64-bit Support

EasyBMP is an easy cross-platform C++ library for reading and writing Windows bitmap (BMP) files. No installation, no need for external libraries, small in size, well-documented, and simple enough for the novice programmer to start in just minutes! EasyBMP particularly shines as an easy image input/output tool for scientists and other technically-minded people who may not be formally trained in programming.

Version 1.02 increases performance by using buffering for reading and writing all but 16 bpp images. In internal testing on reading 500 MB of images, performance improved by over 25%. Version 1.02 also makes EasyBMP compatible with 64-bit processors, when compiled as either 32-bit or 64-bit code. This marks a major milestone in ensuring future compatibility of EasyBMP.

In other improvements, the sample source code and makefile were moved to a separate subdirectory. This ensures that unzipping EasyBMP into a project directory will never overwrite critical makefiles. A line was added to EasyBMP.h to suppress unnecessary warnings when compiling with MS Visual Studio. SafeFread was improved to detect when too little data was read. The read/write code for 1 bpp and 4 bpp images was cleaned up. Lastly, the types BYTE, WORD, and DWORD were renamed to ebmpBYTE, ebmpWORD, and ebmpDWORD to avoid conflicts with other projects.

EasyBMP Version 1.02 can be downloaded from SourceForge at


and release notes can be found here:


Additional support, documentation, code samples, and add-ons can be found at the EasyBMP project website:


The EasyBMP Project thanks Bas Wegh for his assistance in debugging on 64-bit platforms. EasyBMP is grateful for the support and hosting services of SourceForge.net. We hope that others find EasyBMP as simple and effective as we do.

Best wishes - Paul Macklin (macklin01)

Posted by Paul Macklin 2006-05-29

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