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  • Paul Macklin

    Paul Macklin - 2005-05-05

    Please visit the support link. -- macklin01

    • David Topham

      David Topham - 2005-12-29

      I just tried to compile the sample programs (stego) using MSVC++ v6 and got errors related to the mix of the newer standard library. i.e. The sample code uses <iostream.h> and yet EasyBMP uses <iostream>. Does this mean those samples cannot be used without rewriting them? Or am I missing something? Thanks, Dave

    • Paul Macklin

      Paul Macklin - 2006-02-04

      I'm sorry that I didn't see your post earlier. I'm glad that you emailed me. Hopefully, you received my updated steganography code sample. I've also posted it (today) in an updated steganography page on the main site. You can find that at

      Hopefully, this will fix things. In the meantime, I'll continue to update other sample programs. (DataPlotter is next.) Thanks! -- Paul


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