file browser with detailed stat infos

oddl muzzs
  • oddl muzzs

    oddl muzzs - 2011-05-12

    hey, what a wonderful software!
    maybe i just missed the configuration option to disable the feature:
    when browsing folders i can distinguish them by their name and content. maybe using a icon.
    but the view of each file is filled by 33% with stat information - that could be hidden most of the time.
    i agree that it is indeed important to avoid accidental zooming into files.

    great docs!
    i hope to find some time to contribute (external:) code

  • Oliver Hamann

    Oliver Hamann - 2011-05-14

    The size of the stat information depends the selected theme. The Simple theme has them smallest. To find the themes, have the focus on any directory or directory entry, and zoom into the control panel: emFileMan -> View Settings -> Theme. It is also demonstrated in the video ( ).


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