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  • Mark McCorkle

    Mark McCorkle - 2011-07-11

    Is there a technical reason that when I change my view away from an mp3 I had playing that it stops the playback?  Is there any method to keep that plugin running (playing my music) even when I've panned my view back over to another location of the zui view?

    Also, I was playing an old favorite game of mine last week by the name of Freespace 2, and I rediscovered a very interesting method of putting indicators on the edge of the display that were used to get my attention and provide me information like if the object beyond my immediate focus was hostile or friendly (indicator was red or green, respectively), as well as how far from me the object was (it was drawn with two arrows with a line between the arrows, with the length of the line representing distance).  The indicator was drawn on the edge of the screen that I would have to move my focus toward to reach the indicator. 

    The reason I bring up that indicator method is that it would be a great way for a user of eaglemode to locate a persistent state plugin (such as the media player) that is still running.  Once the user moves their focus off of a plugin that is set to stay persistent, the visualization (be it a movie, or the goom visualization) scales down to a small thumbnail with a bright indicator like this:

    This would work for all sorts of running apps that eaglemode user left running.  Allowing click to focus, or click/drag off screen to close (like the flick up method that the WebOS and the Blackberry Playbook use to close apps) would make managing those running apps brilliantly simple.  Perhaps even a "drop plugin / file at current view location" method to allow someone viewing a file with a plugin to pull it out of their file manager and drop it into the Cosmos somewhere. 

    And that yields my last suggestion, which is the situation where I take a file / plugin view and I drop it very deep in the universe so that it isn't visible when zoomed out, how do I go about finding it?  At some relative size from the camera (one that you decide that the user can't reasonable see the working plugin, at that stage you put a translucent icon that indicates the plugin.  

    Here I have a view of a plugin playing some music that is too small to see, so it is represented by a transparent icon:

    And then the icon becomes more and more transparent as the focus gets closer to the content:

    Once the user is focused enough on the file/plugin to view just the content, the transparent icon over it will have disappeared altogether. 

    I'm still working on my other deliverables for the Eagle Mode view into the Nagios system monitoring dataset, but I'm refactoring my code considerably so that I can share it confidently. 

  • Oliver Hamann

    Oliver Hamann - 2011-07-12

    This is something which should surely be implemented some day. Currently the only solution is to work with multiple Eagle Mode windows, so that there is a separate window for music playing. Though, I am not sure whether my planed android port will support multiple windows.

    An urgent issue may be to implement music play lists or playing of all music files in a directory/tree.

  • Mark McCorkle

    Mark McCorkle - 2011-07-12

    Writing a real quick mpg123 command line for a folder would do suffice as well, just for  music playback, but that still isn't using the power of Eaglemode  at all, so I have avoided that.  If only I had paid more attention in  my programming classes, I'd be  half  way there myself, but alas, I  am just a hacker, not really a coder. 

    Speaking of, how is the Android port coming?  I've got a few lower powered android (800Mhz Archos 70h and Samsung Moment),  a 1Ghz  Galaxy S series Samsung Epic, and a  1Ghz Dual Core Motorolla Atrix between my home and  work equipment that I could test it on.  Are you dreaming of it having any interaction with the Desktop Eaglemode application? 

  • Oliver Hamann

    Oliver Hamann - 2011-07-13

    The porting to Android has not yet begun. It is just a plan. I cannot say when it will be realized. Currently Ia am quite busy with other things. The performance should be okay, because the display resolution of an Android phone is much lesser.

    I did not yet think about an interaction with the desktop application.

  • Mark McCorkle

    Mark McCorkle - 2011-07-15

    Well I'm excited either way.  I've got ADB setup between my rig at home and all my devices, so I can debug and quickly iterate with you if you want some QA / debugging help, keep me in mind.

  • Anonymous - 2012-01-14

    Persistent running apps could be implemented with bookmarks. Zoom into a song to play it, then bookmark it to keep playing it. Then go somewhere else in the cosmos. When you want to stop playing, jump to your book mark, remove the bookmark from the panel and zoom out.

    mccorkle's suggestion about indicators at the edge can be thought of as a way to implement bookmarks in general.


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