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eASV Beta 1 is out and eAAM new build

Well, first release of Save Validator. You may want to see the new build of Account Manager too :)

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-28


Development of Account Manager has came to an end. Final build released.

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-26

eAEE Beta 2 is out

Well, most functions almost rebuilt from a scratch :)

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-26

eAST Beta 4 is out

Well, probably last beta version of eAST. Right now it has all I wanted it to have.

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-26

eAAM Beta 1 is out

Well, a new tool for you. Hope you'll like it :)

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-25

eAST Beta 3 is out

Well, I also decided to release beta 3 of Spawn Translator today, since support of other spawn formats won't be added in a near future.

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-24

eAEE Beta 1 is out

Well, I've decided to release first build of exp editor (main functions working) so that I can finish some less important ones without a haste.

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-23

eABE Beta 7 is out

Well, last beta realese of Basic Editor.

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-22

Back on track

Ok, I'm back from short vacations. Looks like it's time to resume my work here ;)

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-19

eAST Beta 2 is out

New tool, called eAthena Spawn Translator. The name speaks for itself. Anyway it's a program to swap current monster names in spawn db with the ones in monster db.

Posted by Ravak 2004-07-11

eABE Beta 5 and 6 is out

A lot of bugs fixed. Enjoy~!

*couple of days later*
Forgot to post another news. Anyway Beta 6 out.

Posted by Ravak 2004-06-15

eABE Beta 4 is out

Probably the last version before Account / Character file support. Guess it's all that's needed for easy / fast editing monster / item databases, time to switch to phase 2 ;)

Posted by Ravak 2004-06-11

eABE Beta 3 is out

Just a little warmup before beta4. Added a little stuff to already existing functions and optimized slightly the code. Stay tuned :)

Posted by Ravak 2004-06-10

eABE Beta 1 and Beta 2 is added

Added older releases (beta1 and beta2). Today I'll finish beta3.

Release date of Beta 1 was 30th May, and Beta 2 - 6th June.

Posted by Ravak 2004-06-10

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