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File area updated

A new binary build version: 1.1.332 is made available.
The e57unpack debugging tool now can handle also 2d images.

Posted by Roland Schwarz 2013-04-04

Repository Migration

Please note, that the new repository URI is:

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/e57-3d-imgfmt/code/trunk e57-3d-imgfmt-code

The old repository will be kept around for a while for fall-back purposes.

Posted by Roland Schwarz 2012-09-24

Version 0.1.173

A new beta version is available for download. Changes are mainly in the SimpleAPI code.

Posted by Roland Schwarz 2011-05-25

ASTM E2761 standard has been approved.

The revised E57.04 Data Exchange Format Ballot has closed with no negatives. This means that the ASTM standard E2761 is now approved. The standard should be published in the next 2-3 months. Again let's thank all the folks who have helped this process along the way.

Posted by Stan Coleby 2011-01-13

www.libe57.org web site

News can be found at http:\www.libe57.org\news.html

Posted by Stan Coleby 2011-01-13