Cannot move extent

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When I run e4rat-realloc -t for some files I obtain this message:
    Cannot move extent - Invalid argument
    And a list of parameter of the files.
    This files are virtual disks, the smallest is 20GB.
    I have other virtual disks that don't give this message but their size is at most of 1GB.

  • conso

    conso - 2012-06-29

    I successfully reproduced this issue.
    The problem is the ioctl EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT, which is limited to EXT_MAX_BLOCKS (4GiB). This is why the kernel response with "invalid argument".

    But does it really makes sense to reallocate such huge files to be in a row? I am pretty sure that they will not completely loaded into RAM. This will negatively affect your startup time.

    For single file defragmentation I recommend e4defrag, which is part of e2fsprogs.


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