Question about e4rat-realloc, not supported

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    First congrats! Very nice tool, big improvement on my pc, even over readahead.
    I find this tool more configurable. Thank you!

    There is one part I could not get to work. The reallocation part.
    Just to be sure I've redone steps.
    I've newly created an ext4 partition, and copied my root filesystem in it. Mounted with the -t ext4, so I'm sure my ext4 partition is not used as an ext3. Double checked it always was used as ext4. I've done this 2 times.
    I keep getting:

    File /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/imageformats/ has no blocks.
    ioctl_fiemap: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/imageformats/ Operation not supported
    For all the files.
    Any advice?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Some extra information: I'm using Debian Squeeze, kernel 2.6.38 (custom build)

  • John Lindgren

    John Lindgren - 2011-06-19

    I have the exact same problem, on Debian Squeeze (stock kernel 2.6.32).  e4rat-realloc used to work just fine on this system; same drive, same filesystem.  So I'm guessing it was broken by some recent update.

  • John Lindgren

    John Lindgren - 2011-06-19

    Sorry, the last "nobody" (#6) was me; forgot to log in.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hey Guys,
    I've started this thread.
    I've installed liquorix 2.6.38-7 kernel and e4rat-realloc works!!!
    Thank you


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