All files have no blocks

  • Thomas Mitterfellner

    When I try to do e4rat-realloc with my gathered data, it says that all files have no blocks i.e. all of those writeable (~3800). The consequence obviously is that the files cannot be reallocated. What could be the reason for this or how can I circumvent this?

    I'm using opensuse 11.4, x86_64, kernel 2.6.37, /sbin/init,
    (I already got it working on another machine, opensuse 12.1, kernel 3.1.0 /bin/systemd)
    Thank you in  advance.

  • Joseph G. Mitzen

    This seems to be an issue with 11.4's 2.6.37 kernel, from what I can tell from

    Changing to another kernel is the one thing that I know can work (I tested it in VirtualBox, changing 11.4's kernel via another from the Open Build Service). Of course the one I changed to broke zram support. :-( I just got that working yesterday, and I don't want to give it up for e4rat, and 12.1 seems much less stable than 11.4. I might need to fiddle with the compcache script for zram…

  • Joseph G. Mitzen

    Just hit me! I'm an idiot! The solution in both our cases might be to install a newer kernel, let e4rat-realloc do its thing, then just make the original kernel the default again and/or delete the new one and switch back to the original one!


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