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status about ext3 upgraded to ext4

  • zebul666

    zebul666 - 2012-05-03

    on the wiki of my distro, I am seeing that warning
    "Caveat emptor: the current version of e4rat (0.2.0) will severely damage any partition that has been converted to ext4. This is likely because existing files are not converted to use extents, and e4rat has no built-in mechanism to detect this condition. Before using e4rat you should backup the affected partitions, reformat them as ext4 and then restore the backups. Given the current status and the nature of the program, it's a smart move to backup the system before attempting reallocation anyway"

    That worries me because I think I never completly rewritten that partition I upgraded from ext3.

    So is the problem still there in 0.2.2 ?
    If I run chattr +e on every file and directory on that partition, is it enough to prevent any problem ? I am wondering if chattr +e rewrites the file with extent or just change the attribute.

    2. Is it working for my root partition with ext4 only or also /var and /home that I also have in ext4 but inside a crypted lvm ?

  • zebul666

    zebul666 - 2012-05-03

    I can't access
    sourceforge is kind of having hard times serving page correctly. I got 500 error or or other error pages here

  • conso

    conso - 2012-05-05
    1. The extended flag is automatically added by e4rat if it is missing. It is absolutely the same what "chattr +e" does.
      For a long time ago, while e4rat 0.2.0 was releases, some debian users reports file system damages. But in the end it was a bug in the ext4 file system code in the linux kernel. The conversion to file extents (+e) was broken. The issue was fixed by upgrading to a newer kernel.
      if chattr +e <file> is working for you can use e4rat without any risk.

    2. This issue was fixed in e4rat-0.2.3

    3. The wiki is currently not in use. The old wiki was not up to date and filled with spam. I have currently no time for it.


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