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 <H2>Release notes for the e2fsprogs package</H2>
+<LI><A HREF="#1.41.0">E2fsprogs 1.41.0 (July 10, 2008)</A>
 <LI><A HREF="#1.40.11">E2fsprogs 1.40.11 (June 17, 2008)</A>
 <LI><A HREF="#1.40.10">E2fsprogs 1.40.10 (May 21, 2008)</A>
 <LI><A HREF="#1.40.9">E2fsprogs 1.40.9 (April 27, 2008)</A>
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 <LI><A HREF="#1.02">E2fsprogs 1.02 (January 16, 1996)</A>
+<H2><A NAME="1.41.0">E2fsprogs 1.41.0 (July 10, 2008)</A></H2>
+<P>Add support for ext4 filesystem features, in particular extents,
+uninit_bg, flex_bg, huge_file, and dir_nlink features.  Also add
+support for checking journal checksums.  Debugfs will print new
+superblock and inode fields that were defined for ext4.  For example,
+the nanosecond and i_version fields of an inode, and the
+s_min_extra_isize and s_wanted_extra_isize fields from the superblock.
+Note: Resize2fs doesn't currently support the combination of flex_bg
+and !resize_inode.  (Addresses Debian Bug: #388452, #425477)</P>
+<P>Tune2fs can support migrating a filesystem from using 128 byte inodes
+to 256 byte inodes, so it can take advantage of the full features of
+<P>Add support for "undo" support.  E2fsck and mke2fs can optionally
+record an undo log which can replayed by the program e2undo.</P>
+<P>E2fsck could damage a filesystem by trying to relocate inode tables
+due to corrupted block group descriptors, where the attempted inode
+table relocation would do far more harm than good.  E2fsck has been
+fixed to detect this these sorts of corrupted block group descriptors
+much earlier in e2fsck processing, so it can try to use the backup
+superblock and block group descriptors first.  This should be a much
+better strategy for recovering these types of corrupted filesystems.
+(Addresses Sourceforge Bug: #1840291)</P>
+<P>E2fsck will display a more understandable message when the last check
+field in the superblock is in the future.  (Addresses Debian Bug:
+<P>E2fsck now performs more extensive and careful checks of extended
+attributes stored in the inode.</P>
+<P>Enhance mke2fs to print a more explanatory error message when
+ext2fs_get_device_size() returns EFBIG.  (Addresses Debian Bug:
+<P>Fix mke2fs to use a default block size of 4k when formatting an
+external journal device.  This is done by using a fixed filesystem
+type list that consists only of the single filesystem type "journal"
+when looking up configuration keys in /etc/mke2fs.conf.  (Addresses
+Debian Bug: #488663)</P>
+<P>Speed up how mke2fs writes the journal data blocks by writing the disk
+blocks in larger chunks.</P>
+<P>Fix blkid handling of stale devices.  Fix a bug which could cause a
+core dump while garbage collecting the blkid cache, and assure that
+blkid_find_dev_with_tag() never returns a non-existent device.  Also,
+if a filesystem is found at a new /dev location, eliminate any
+duplicate stale entries which can not be verified.
+(Addresses-Debian-Bugs: #487758, #487783)</P>
+<P>Add more paranoid checks for LVM volumes and swap partitions in
+blkid's probe function, to reduce the chances of false positives.</P>
+<P>The mke2fs program now has a much more sophisticated system for
+controlling configuration parameters of a newly created filesystem
+based on a split filesystem and usage type system.  The -t option to
+mke2fs was a deprecated alias to -c; it now specifies a filesystem
+type (ext2, ext3, ext4, etc.), while the -T option can now be a comma
+separated usage list.  The filesystem type information and type
+information is used to extract configuration parameters from the
+/etc/mke2fs.conf file.</P>
+<P>The mke2fs program will no longer complain and request the -f option
+when the user tries to create a filesystem with greater than 2**31
+<P>When creating a filesystem for the GNU Hurd use a fs-type of Hurd and
+adjust the mke2fs.conf file so filesystems for the Hurd are created
+with a blocksize of 4096 and inode size of 128, which is all it knows
+how to handle.  (Addresses Debian Bug: #471977)</P>
+<P>Mke2fs will always make sure that lost+found always has at least 2
+blocks, even for filesystems with very large blocksizes (i.e., 64kb).</P>
+<P>Resize2fs will now print the minimum needed filesystem size if given
+the -P option, and will resize the filesystem to the smallest possible
+size if given the -M option.</P>
+<P>Fix resize2fs to clean up the resize_inode if all of the reserved gdt
+blocks are consumed during an off-line resize.</P>
+<P>The "ls" command in debugfs now supports the -p option, which causes
+it to quote the filenames so that spaces or tabs in directory entries
+are easily visible.  (Addresses Red Hat Bugzilla: #149480; Addresses
+Sourceforge Feature Request: #1201667)</P>
+<P>Fix a potential off-by-one buffer oveflow in the fs_device_name in an
+e2image file.</P>
+<P>The chattr program will return a non-zero exit code in case of
+failures, and error messages can be suppressed with the -f option.
+(Addresses Red Hat Bugzilla: #180596)</P>
+<P>Fix a bug in badblocks which caused it to overrun an array and likely
+crash if more than 8 test patterns are specified using the -t option.
+(Addresses Debian Bug: #487298)</P>
+<P>Add support to badblocks to limit how quickly it reads from the disk
+drive (so it can be used for background scrubbing), and so it will
+abort after finding a given number of errors.</P>
+<P>Remove support for the legacy big-endian filesystem format which only
+existed on extremely long-dead PowerPC kernels almost a decade ago.</P>
+<P>Remove MASIX support from e2fsprogs.</P>
+<P>Add I/O statistics reporting to e2fsck.</P>
+<P>Update Vietnamese, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Catalan, Dutch,
+Czech translations.</P>
+<P>Fixed various Debian packaging issues --- see debian/changelog for
+details.  (Addresses Debian Bugs: #487443, #487675, #490003)</P>
+<P>Fixed spelling mistakes, typos, and otherwise clarified man pages.
+(Addresses Debian Bugs: #393313, #487849, #440983, #440981)</P>
+<H3>Programmer's Notes</H3>
+<P>Factor out bitmap code in preparation for adding 64-bit new-style
+<P>Fix gcc -Wall warnings</P>
+<P>Fix the pkg-config files so that private librares are specified in
+<P>Fix the libext2fs.texinfo manual so it builds with modern versions of
+<P>Silence the makefile from showing the awk command used to build the</P>
+<P>Clean up the badblocks group so to make it more portable and robust.</P>
+<P>Avoid using predictable filenames in /tmp in blkid's regression test
+suite.  Also remove bashism's in the regression test script.</P>
+<P>If the configure script is given --with-diet-libc, don't use thread
+local storage, since diet libc doesn't support TLS.  (Addresses
+Sourceforge Bug: #2000654)</P>
+<P>Fix the blkid regression test suite to tolerate older versions of
+mkswap that don't support the -U option.</P>
+<P>A few library routines have been converted to support 64-bit block
+numbers; in particular, the I/O manager functions, the test_io,
+inode_io, and unix_io managers have all be converted to support 64-bit
+<P>Debugfs can now be extended for use by test programs.  See
+lib/ext2fs/extents.c for an example for how it can be used.  The test
+program links against the debugfs object files, and provides
+additional commands by defining an auxiliary libss command table.</P>
+<P>The lazy_bg filesystem feature, which was only used by developer's
+testing, has been removed since it has been largely supplanted by
+uninit_bg.  This also simplifies the code.</P>
 <H2><A NAME="1.40.11">E2fsprogs 1.40.11 (June 17, 2008)</A></H2>
 <P>Mke2fs, tune2fs, and resize2fs now use floating point to calculate the