#43 E2fsck fails to repair superblock


I've posted about this at Opensuse, but I've had no luck. I don't know if there's a bug involved here or not, but I'm curious about it, and I'd like to see if there's some way of fixing this instead of just resorting to a reinstall. I hope you can help.

I have Opensuse 11.3 with Ext4. I have tried the following commands per numerous guides:

* dumpe2fs /dev/sda6 (to verify backup superblock locations)

* e2fsck -b 32768 (also 98304 and 163840) /dev/sda6

* e2fsck -c -f -v /dev/sda6

It reports errors, then reports that they were fixed, but upon rebooting I still get the same "bad magic number in superblock; invalid ext2 file system....."

I found a 4 year old thread regarding a missing 'ext_attr' flag, but I'm guessing that issue has been resolved by now, and dumpe2fs does list that flag for my partition.

What could be causing it to report successful repair and then still yield the same boot error?


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