#33 map physical and/or logical sector to a file


A good addition would be a tool to map physical and/or logical sectors
to the file that uses them. This might be handled in two pieces, first, a utility to convert the physical sector list into logical sectors based on the chosen partition, and second the logical sectors into the file names. Or it could be one utility that accepts either a physical sector, or a logical sector number plus a partition. The two piece version would provide more flexibility if someone wanted to use the physical to logical conversion separately in another script.

This would let the user quickly identify which files have been
affected by bad sectors, making it easier for them to decide whether that file
is best off deleted and copied from another location, or if a partial
recovery possibly losing the whole 512 bytes using hdparm/HDAT/Spinrite is

There is a NTFS tool that can do logical sector to file mapping. It
is called NFI (NTFS File Sector Information Utility) and is part of the
download available here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/253066 .
(Obviously to use NFI.exe you first need to map the physical sector to a
logical sector based on where the partition is on the drive.) (The
original 'dd_rescue', different from 'ddrescue', called NFI.exe in the
ddr2nfi.pl script:
http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-ddrescue@gnu.org/msg00088.html ).


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