spurious \r in com_err output

  • D. Hugh Redelmeier

    lib/et/com_err.c function default_com_err_proc outputs a \r, apparently assuming all TTYs are raw and all raw TTYs require CR/LF pairs. Neither assumption is true. Certainly both aren't true.

    I request that default_com_err_proc stop outputting \r.

  • Theodore Ts'o

    Theodore Ts'o - 2013-02-18

    That was a deliberate choice; the idea is that there are some programs (and especially, somewhat unfortunately, some libraries, which call com_err directly) when the tty is in raw mode --- and in the case of the library calling com_err directly, it has no idea whether or not the tty is in raw mode. For essentially all common terminals (vt consoles, xterms, VT100's, etc., CRLF is required in order to make sure things don't look awful, and in cooked mode, the \r is harmless and invisible.

    If you have a reason other than being offended that com_err has made this rather practical tradeoff, please state how this is actively causing problems, as opposed to offending you out of some abstract since of "violating assumptions". And, of course, applications are always free to overide the default_com_err_proc with their own, and certain if the application is using the curses libraries, it must do so or things will look truly awful.


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