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[blkid] display label for hfsx partitio

  • Mokhtar

    Mokhtar - 2008-07-30


    For HFSX ( MAC OSX case sensitive partition ) label is not displayed when calling blkid

    Is a bug or a limitation of blkid?

    Any comment is welcome

    • Theodore Ts'o

      Theodore Ts'o - 2008-07-30

      Can you send me a specification what the HFSX superblock looks like, and upload the first 4k or of an HFSX partition for testing purposes?  I'm happy to expand what blkid can support, but I don't have time to go out of my way to research every single filesystem under the sun.

      If you can do the research and then file a wishlist bug, I'm happy to add it.

      • Mokhtar

        Mokhtar - 2008-08-19
        • Theodore Ts'o

          Theodore Ts'o - 2008-08-22

          I've checked in support for hfsx detection to the e2fsprogs git repository.

          • Mokhtar

            Mokhtar - 2008-09-09

            It is OK
            Thank you

            • Theodore Ts'o

              Theodore Ts'o - 2008-09-09

              Great, I'm glad this has been helpful for you.


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