[blkid] display hfsx partition type

  • Mokhtar

    Mokhtar - 2008-09-12


    For HFSX partition , the type displayed is HFSPLUS
    Is it possible to display HFSX instead?

    • Theodore Ts'o

      Theodore Ts'o - 2008-09-12

      The reason Linux uses the hfsplus filesystem driver to mout hfsx disks.  Hence, it is important to display hfsplus so the the mount programs knows how to mount hfsx partitions.

      Is it that important to distinguish between HFS+ and HFSX filesystems?

      • Mokhtar

        Mokhtar - 2008-10-03

        I undertsantd that hfsx is only the version 5 of hfsplus filesystem
        so is it possible to add version information in blkid output informations?

        • Theodore Ts'o

          Theodore Ts'o - 2008-10-03

          It's possible, but why would you (and most users) care what specific version of HFS is involved?


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