mke2fs -T tralila

  • Anonymous - 2009-01-06

    On the ext 4 wiki ( There is an example how to create an ext4 fs:

    $ mke2fs -T ext4 /dev/DEV

    (should this not be -t ?) Now if my kernel does not support ext4 or  tralila then mke2fs creates an ext2 fs whitout any warning. Isn't this kind of wrong?

    • Theodore Ts'o

      Theodore Ts'o - 2009-01-06

      Yes, it should be "mke2fs -t ext4/dev/DEV".

      I'm not sure what you mean by "tralila".

      And if you use mke2fs -t ext4, it should create an ext2 filesystem, as long as you are using a new enough version of e2fsprogs.  Whether or not your kernel supports ext4 or not should have nothing to do with it.

    • Anonymous - 2009-01-06

      mke2fs -t tralilla /dev/DE

      creates an ext2 file system but does not report a "error tralilla unknown filesystem". why?

      "And if you use mke2fs -t ext4, it should create an ext2 filesystem"
      why ext2 why not ext4?

    • Theodore Ts'o

      Theodore Ts'o - 2009-02-02

      Sorry, I meant, "it should create an ext4 filesystem". Typo on my part...


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