#316 Link shared libraries with local libraries instead of system


ELF_OTHER_LIBS usually contains local search dirs (-L ../..), but it was
added in link command after system search dirs from LDFLAGS.

Libraries and executables were linked with the system libraries if present,
and possibly using static archives instead of shared libraries.

It could also make final executable link to fail when shared
libraries are enabled: if libext2fs.so is linked with a static
libcom_err.a from system, build system would attempt to link without

This fixes the issue by moving ELF_OTHER_LIBS before LDFLAGS in the
link command.


  • Theodore Ts'o

    Theodore Ts'o - 2012-07-29
    • assigned_to: nobody --> tytso
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Theodore Ts'o

    Theodore Ts'o - 2012-07-29

    Thanks for the patch! I've applied this and a similar fix for lib/Makefile.solaris-lib


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