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e2compr for kernel 3.x series

New patch for e2compr is ready for kernel 3.x series. The actual patch was made for kernel 3.1-rc3. Despite porting
and some testing no features were added or removed.

I was able to boot and work with a compressed ext2 OpenSuse 11.4 as my rootfs. Although still data loss might happen.
I strongly discourage using e2compr in productive environments - use at your own risk.


25 August 2011 - Matthias Winkler <matthiaswinkler@...>... read more

Posted by matthias 2011-08-28

2.6.30 support and reworked SMP

Adapted e2compr to 2.6.30. Integrated and reworked my first
SMP patch. Stripped down the e2compr patch to a minimal diff,
minmal options and minimal amount of files. Finally made a
patch for, too.


Debug is enabled by default. For maximum performance undefine
EXT2_COMPR_DEBUG in include/linux/ext2_fs_c.h.


10 August 2009
Matthias Winkler <matthiaswinkler@users.sourceforge.net>
* released version 0.4.58
* merged assert.h and debug.h into ext2_fs_c.h
* disabled adler cheksums on "read" if not defined EXT2_COMPR_DEBUG.
* merged none.c into compress.c
* inserted multiple defines "CONFIG_EXT2_COMPRESS" to allow disabling
of ext2compression with patched sources.
* re-inserted EXPORT_SYMBOL(__pagevec_free) to support ext2 as module... read more

Posted by matthias 2009-08-11

Ext2 Compression Extension: e2compr for linux-

The linux e2compr package consists of a set of patches and utilities to provide transparent compression and decompression in the second extended (ext2) filesystem.

e2compr patch with minimal changes for linux- released.

Posted by matthias 2008-11-20



5 June 2008
Matthias Winkler <matthiaswinkler@users.sourceforge.net>
* released version 0.4.53
* fixes himem bug: unmapped block in ext2_decompress_cluster()
* fixes bdev bug: ext2_get_block() must be called for every block
which cause ooops because of bdev == NULL. ext2_get_block() will
set the correct bdev and the correct blocknumber of the block.

NEVER assign bdev manually, because the blocknumber might be random then:
"block->b_bdev = something" (DON'T!)... read more

Posted by matthias 2008-06-25

Support for linux-2.6.25 added

Added a patch for kernel linux-2.6.25. Also fixed the wrong content on linux-2.6.24 patch file.

Posted by matthias 2008-04-17

ext filesystem basics

For further reference, I can recommend, "Understanding the Linux Kernel" from Daniel P. Bovet, Marco Cesati. The third edition has a nice
chapter about ext2 and ext3.

There's a new article in german language about the ext2 and ext3 filesystem basics at:

Posted by matthias 2008-04-05

e2compr_0.4.52 - support for 2.6.24 - fixed broken archives

e2compr 0.4.52 fixes small bug which enables compression during write (CLU), again.

Linux 2.6.24 is also supported now.

I very much apologize for broken archives at the download area. It's fixed now.

Don't hesitate to report any bugs or problems at the tracker, mailinglist or by email.



Posted by matthias 2008-04-05

e3compr development started

New project e3compr started. Therefore the e2compr code was ported for ext3 but still needs development. Take a look... and help proting!


Posted by matthias 2008-04-05

Release of 0.4.51 patches and initial CVS

Release of three new patches for kernel 2.4.x, 2.6.21.x, 2.6.22.x and 2.6.23 series.

Initial CVS commit. Until now, there was no good way of keeping track of the changes in the e2compr kernel diffs. As a diff of diffs say nothing to anybody... I checked in just the patched files of the concerned kernels.

Posted by matthias 2007-10-16