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2.6.30 support and reworked SMP

Adapted e2compr to 2.6.30. Integrated and reworked my first
SMP patch. Stripped down the e2compr patch to a minimal diff,
minmal options and minimal amount of files. Finally made a
patch for, too.


Debug is enabled by default. For maximum performance undefine
EXT2_COMPR_DEBUG in include/linux/ext2_fs_c.h.


10 August 2009
Matthias Winkler <>
* released version 0.4.58
* merged assert.h and debug.h into ext2_fs_c.h
* disabled adler cheksums on "read" if not defined EXT2_COMPR_DEBUG.
* merged none.c into compress.c
* inserted multiple defines "CONFIG_EXT2_COMPRESS" to allow disabling
of ext2compression with patched sources.
* re-inserted EXPORT_SYMBOL(__pagevec_free) to support ext2 as module

05 August 2009
Matthias Winkler <>
* released version 0.4.57
* ported to kernel 2.6.30:
inode.c: after fix of generic ext2 ext2_get_blocks() needed to remove bforget.
* integrated SMP from version 0.4.56
* per CPU one separate read and one separate write working area
* removed all external compression codecs
* removed "verify compression" (never helped to find a bug anyway)
* Lindent'ed all source and header files

Posted by matthias 2009-08-11

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