Commit Date  
[r13116] (HEAD) by e107steved

Bugtracker #5381, #5395 - make sure download_visible field not blank

2014-02-06 20:56:16 Tree
[r13115] by e107moc

Now correctly updates news_comment_total when deleting a newsitem comment

2013-08-28 10:43:02 Tree
[r13114] by e107coders

Prevent banned users from using fpw.php

2013-07-12 11:46:43 Tree
[r13113] by e107coders

Additional native language titles added.

2013-07-10 09:15:13 Tree
[r13112] by e107steved

Fix classes allowed to enter events

2013-06-23 17:47:50 Tree
[r13111] by e107steved

Fix time error on event edit (I hope); plus a couple of small display enhancements.

2013-06-23 16:43:31 Tree
[r13110] by e107coders

Update to 1.0.5 svn

2013-05-21 22:11:58 Tree
[r13109] by e107coders

Auto creating of tag during build

2013-05-21 21:56:21 Tree
[r13108] by e107coders

Update image file: 1.0.4 - auto

2013-05-21 21:56:04 Tree
[r13107] by e107coders

new version: 1.0.4 - auto

2013-05-21 21:55:27 Tree
[r13106] by e107coders

{USER_IP} may now be used in the user page template. (visible to ADMINs only)

2013-05-17 23:33:50 Tree
[r13105] by e107coders

Upgrade routine corrections.

2013-05-02 09:58:53 Tree
[r13104] by e107coders

Pref cleaner routine added to 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4 upgrade.

2013-05-02 09:16:15 Tree
[r13103] by e107coders

Prevent bbcode images from breaking layout. Prevent powered-by-menu from breaking layout.

2013-04-26 22:36:04 Tree
[r13102] by e107coders

Prevent language-file sharing in debug mode.

2013-04-25 23:10:19 Tree
[r13101] by e107moc

Fixes bug #5384 - calendar plugin tables ENGINE=

2013-04-19 22:46:47 Tree
[r13100] by e107coders

Fix for older MySQL dumps

2013-04-17 21:07:05 Tree
[r13099] by e107steved

Event list - handle multiple events with same start time

2013-04-17 20:36:19 Tree
[r13098] by e107coders

PHP4 Notice added in e_DEBUG mode.

2013-04-11 23:28:03 Tree
[r13097] by e107coders

define('e_DEBUG', true) in e107_config.php now also reports include failures in class2.php

2013-04-11 22:27:20 Tree
[r13096] by e107coders

Fix for image-selector width style which was being overridden.

2013-04-11 20:23:36 Tree
[r13095] by e107steved

More work on event calendar - improve consistency with 2.0 version

2013-04-11 19:47:45 Tree
[r13094] by e107coders

Notice removal

2013-04-11 18:18:40 Tree
[r13093] by e107coders

Update to 1.0.4 svn

2013-04-11 18:17:08 Tree
[r13092] by e107steved

Remove debug code

2013-04-08 21:26:52 Tree
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