Commit Date  
[r13090] by e107steved

Event calendar menu display fix for timezones west of GMT

2013-04-08 20:50:52 Tree
[r13089] by nlstart

Get icon from THEME/forum folder just as the forum plugin does as well.

2013-04-08 15:45:08 Tree
[r13088] by e107steved

Possible fix for corrupted meta tags

2013-03-26 18:07:00 Tree
[r13087] by e107steved

Update DB-related bits

2013-03-26 08:30:31 Tree
[r13086] by e107steved

Event calendar small display - possible fix for dates and days not matching in non-UTC timezone

2013-03-26 08:21:39 Tree
[r13085] by e107steved

Fix access to chatbox admin page; tidy up menu code

2013-03-15 21:37:36 Tree
[r13084] by e107coders

Auto creating of tag during build

2013-03-14 20:43:50 Tree
[r13083] by e107coders

Update image file: 1.0.3 - auto

2013-03-14 20:43:43 Tree
[r13082] by e107coders

new version: 1.0.3 - auto

2013-03-14 20:43:12 Tree
[r13081] by e107coders

New indexes and minor LAN issue in admin-latest.

2013-03-10 00:07:40 Tree
[r13080] by e107coders

Added check to secure_img_handler.

2013-03-09 23:49:48 Tree
[r13079] by e107steved

Remove some warnings

2013-03-07 21:17:13 Tree
[r13078] by e107steved

Fix timezone issue first seen in 2.0

2013-03-05 22:09:39 Tree
[r13077] by e107steved

Enable new LAN (language file updated 10 days or so ago)

2013-03-04 21:14:14 Tree
[r13076] by e107steved

Sort display of non-English months in event calendar list-generation feature

2013-02-22 22:26:23 Tree
[r13075] by e107steved

Fix usertheme menu config. Notice removal

2013-02-20 21:30:13 Tree
[r13074] by e107steved

Bugtracker #5376 - Date entry/display where server not in UTC timezone

2013-02-17 10:41:37 Tree
[r13073] by e107steved

Bugtracker #5375 possible fix for testing - handle utf-8 characters in html_truncate

2013-02-10 22:06:21 Tree
[r13072] by e107steved

Make newforumposts options work from shortcodes

2013-02-02 13:47:23 Tree
[r13071] by e107coders

Bug #5133 - bbcode fix for Chrome and Safari. Thanks to Ironman

2013-01-28 18:47:30 Tree
[r13070] by e107steved

Disable debugging log entry

2013-01-25 08:11:43 Tree
[r13069] by e107steved

Fix 'username/password combination already in use' error on login.php
Revert change which prevented login from login_menu.php

2013-01-24 20:51:28 Tree
[r13068] by e107coders

Create language-file when not found

2013-01-23 04:52:35 Tree
[r13067] by e107coders

Bug #5360 - utf8 issue.

2013-01-22 21:15:54 Tree
[r13066] by e107coders

Added missing css style for "Back to Overview" : news-back-overview

2013-01-22 20:23:45 Tree
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