#329 2 NICs get the same eth number


A router has 2 onboard NICs 82578DM and 82574L served by e1000e driver and one PCI-e x4 "Intel® Gigabit ET Quad Port Server Adapter" 82576 served by igb driver.

After inserting the later and correcting /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules occurding to my needs, 82576 should get numbered as eth0-eth3, 82574L as eth4 and 82578DM as eth5.

All NICs got numbered as specified exept eth1 which is not presented to the system at all.

After carefull log review I've noticed that initially before the udev does its renames when the devices get sequential numbers as they are initated 2 NICs get the same number eth2. Later udevd-event will fail to rename second eth2 to eth2_rename (which later would be renamed to eth1 if there were no error) becase it is already exist:

udevd-event[1373]: rename_netif: error changing netif name eth2 to eth2_rename: File exist

After system boot in this state (with no eth1) I can manually fix this by:

ifdown -a
rmmod igb
modprobe igb
ifup -a

Since eth2 (e1000e) already renamed this cause no conflict and all NICs get renumbered eth0-eth3 without error.

I had to blacklist e1000e driver to at least boot with 4 first NICs.


  • Kostik

    Kostik - 2010-01-19

    kern.log show eth2 occupied by e1000e and igb

  • Kostik

    Kostik - 2010-01-19
  • Kostik

    Kostik - 2010-01-19
  • Todd Fujinaka

    Todd Fujinaka - 2013-07-08

    Closing due to age.

  • Todd Fujinaka

    Todd Fujinaka - 2013-07-08
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