New Version 0.3.9

new version 0.3.9 available since 2005-01-24 on the Homepage.

Main improvements are the Debugger and some Editor issues as well fixed/extended.

Complete List:

* Displaying of variables re-coded.
- This should remove all known bugs (" Error Parsing Debugger Variables")
- significant improvement in speed
* Remote Debugging implemented
* Improved handling of Regular Expression Breakpoints
- Property dialogue added
- if RegEx can't be extracted user is asked for intervention
- before executing a breakpoint properties are updated if source line has changed
* Perl Debugger uses to connect to EPIC for local debugging sessions. This should avoid some Problems with firewalls.
* Fixed bug: [ 1050648 ] Environment vars not inherited by debugged script on Solaris
* Implemented Feature Request: [ 1051399 ] Debug-Perspective: Switching automatically

* Added support for regular expressions and HERE-Documents
* Fixed bug: [ 1077441 ] Source formatter does not make tabs 4 column wide
* [ 1077441 ] perlTidy: Better handling in rare case of invalid positioning
* [ 1081462 ] Option for Enabling and Disabling AutoType-Feature of Quotes and Brackets
* Perldoc View has been reimplemented (Accessible via Shift+Ctrl/Control+H)
* Added New Perl File Wizard
* Implemented Feature Request: [ 1047906 ] Validate source on request, not continuously

Posted by LeO 2005-01-26

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