#36 Inappropriate exception handling - insufficient logging

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Jan Ploski

The catch(Exception e) clause near the end of
EpicCgiHandler.respond does not provide any clue about
what went wrong. Including stack traces in logged error
messages is a general rule of thumb. Outputting e.getMessage()
is not sufficient (e.getMessage() returns null for any
NullPointerException - not quite helpful to track it down).

I noticed that you have more of such useless catch clauses
spread around the code, so this seems a general QA issue
for EPIC (and many, many other projects, to be fair).
Note that System.out is not appropriate way of logging in
Eclipse plugins, your typical user will not ever see any of
the messages written to System.out.


  • Stephan Ruehl

    Stephan Ruehl - 2005-02-12

    Logged In: YES

    ... shurely, you are right. If you ask my boss to give me a
    few additional days off I will gladly do the job.

  • Stephan Ruehl

    Stephan Ruehl - 2005-02-12
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  • Oliver Trosien

    Oliver Trosien - 2016-07-01
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Next Release
  • Oliver Trosien

    Oliver Trosien - 2016-07-01

    We'll integrate better logging / error handling as we move along. It's ongoing effort, so I'll just close this request for now.


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