#19 Can't choose the project to debug if it was created from CVS

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There strongly appears to be a bug in EPIC when
creating debug configurations. This is for EPIC 0.1.0
and 0.2.0 (downloaded today), running in Eclipse 2.1.3
on Windows XP and FreeBSD.

If I create a brand new project from scratch in Eclipse
then the debug configuration area seems to work ok.

However, if I've created a project by checking it out
from CVS then the project isn't included in the project
list in the debug configuration.

I'm meaning the debug configuration area when you
create a new debug configuration, go to the
"Configuration" tab and it has the "Project" drop down
list to choose from. It doesn't list projects created
by checking them out from CVS, only projects that are
created afresh in Eclipse.

Serious bug.


Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift


  • Stephan Ruehl

    Stephan Ruehl - 2004-05-21

    Logged In: YES

    The debugger list all projects associated with a perl
    nature. The natures associated with a certain project are
    stored in the ".project file". If you check out this file
    from CVS everything should work fine.
    If your project has a pearl nature the project's icon should
    show a "P". Is this the case ?

  • Justin Clift

    Justin Clift - 2004-05-23

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Stephan,

    We've just started using EPIC here on a "lets see how it
    goes" type of basis, and have many existing projects in CVS
    that don't have a "perl nature" to them because they weren't
    created using EPIC nor Eclipse.

    Sounds like the debugger may be better off listing all
    projects, instead of just projects with a perl nature. It
    would make things more flexible and that's not a bad thing.


    Regards and best wishes,

    Justin Clift

  • Jochen Ruehl

    Jochen Ruehl - 2004-05-30
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    • assigned_to: stephan_ruehl --> nobody
  • Jochen Ruehl

    Jochen Ruehl - 2004-06-04

    Logged In: YES

    The next version will provide the possibility to add the
    Perl Nature to an existing project. After assigning the
    Perl Nature to an checked out CVS project it is possible to
    select it when using the debugger.

  • Jochen Ruehl

    Jochen Ruehl - 2004-06-04
    • milestone: --> Next Release (example)
    • assigned_to: nobody --> luelljoc
    • status: open --> closed

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