#105 New Perl Module / Class Wizard

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Jim Graham

Is there any interest in a new Perl Module/Class wizard that mimics the JDT? I have a working setup for this that builds on the "Use module::Starter" patch that I submitted. I can upload that here once I get it cleaned up.

One element that I was wondering about is if there are any plans to expand/extend org.epic.core.model.SourceFile and the parser. Currently when I create a new module thru my wizard, I write out a temp module based on Module::Starter and then do some basic Regex substitutions. I'd like to have it more OO and use the SourceFile object model, but would need to add items to it. For example, the ModuleUses class would need to list the imports in addition to the name, and there would need to be setters as well as the getters. Is there a long term plan to expand the parser, or to leave it "good enough" to generate the outline view?

Thanks, Jim


  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2009-02-07

    I have no big long-term plans for EPIC. Generally, I think that relying on the parser and making SourceFile smarter would be a better and more reliable solution than depending on regexps. If you wish to expand the code, you are free to do so. If you submit patches and I will test/review them as time permits. Any changes to perl.g are especially sensitive and must be checked before releases. The 'syntax.pl' test case is used for this purpose. After bigger modifications I also run the parser over my Perl installation as a smoke test.

  • Oliver Trosien

    Oliver Trosien - 2016-05-14
    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • Group: --> Next Release
  • Oliver Trosien

    Oliver Trosien - 2016-05-14

    outdated, so let's clean up. If there are still plans to enhance please open a new ticket (.. and use github pull request feature)


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