access to debugger input?

  • GreggJensen

    GreggJensen - 2008-06-13

    I would like to be able to type into the debugger when the debugger has stopped (ie, say, at a breakpoint).  Is there a view or console that will do that?

    As an example, at a given point in my script, there is a structure that I get returned that is a hash of arrays of hashes etc,.  I want to get to the point in the running script that the structure is filled out. While it is display in its full glory in the variable output window, I want to explore how to access the data via the debugger command line.  Is it possible at this point, somewhere in one of the windows to type:

    x $foo->{baz}[0]{bar}
    $numItems = @{$foo->{baz}}
    x $numItems

    Essentially, at this point I want to experiment with accessing certain elements before actually writing the code, kind a like having the debugger help me in the process of writing my code.

    • Jan Ploski

      Jan Ploski - 2008-06-13

      This can be done using the "Perl Expression" view - lets you evaluate arbitrary expressions.

    • GreggJensen

      GreggJensen - 2008-06-16

      Yes, that is it.  Thank you.


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