Sunix Adm
  • Sunix Adm

    Sunix Adm - 2008-10-09

    Hi all,

    I was introduced to Eclipse and Epic in a recent perl class and am trying to get things going in Ubuntu.  Eclipse and Epic were pre-installed for the class and I am finding that it isn't as easy as it appears.

    The first problem I haven't been able to resolve is with perldoc.  Searches in perldoc result in the  error message: "Documentation not available."

    Do I need to install the documentation separately?


    • Jan Ploski

      Jan Ploski - 2008-10-09

      Mark a built-in function in your source code (like 'print'), then select the Perldoc function from context menu. Does it say "Documentation not available" then? If it works, what are the exact steps you follow?

      You don't need to install perldoc documentation separately (at least not for the built-in functions and preinstalled Perl modules).

      • Kelemvor Lionsbane

        I also have a problem with perldoc, but on windows. For an unknown reason, Perldoc launches in a new cmd.exe window instead of putting the result in the perldoc eclipse window...

        Do you have any idea?

        The logs I added to perldoc.bat report those command lines:
        "-m "Win32API::File""

        "-t -f "print""
        "-t -q "print""
        "-t "print""
        "-m "print""

        "-t -f "use""
        "-t -q "use""
        "-t "use""
        "-m "use""

        • Jan Ploski

          Jan Ploski - 2008-10-10

          What have you configured as your Perl executable in the Preferences? (It should be perl.exe, not anything else.)

    • Kelemvor Lionsbane

      Whoups, you are absolutely correct!

      I configured wperl.exe (doesn't this stand for windows perl:) ). Now, After replacing wperl.exe with perl.exe, Perldoc works perfectly!

      Thank you very much.

    • Dale Davies

      Dale Davies - 2009-02-16

      Had the same problem as Kelemvor, now fixed. I had followed the advice on the IBM site and used the wperl executable:


  • pid

    pid - 2010-01-18

    I'm running Eclipes/Epic on Fedora/Linux PC and I have the same problem but none of the solution given above apply to this platform.  I've confirm perldoc is on my system path by running perldoc on a terminal but for some reason Eclipse doesn't find it.  I've search this several times from different forums… please help.


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