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  • mentor

    mentor - 2007-04-05


    i have just installed eclipse with the perl e-p-i-c plugin.
    After that i switched on the eclipse option "show line numbers",
    but the line numbers didn´t appear?!

    Is there a possibility to get the line numbers appear?


    • manitoulin

      manitoulin - 2007-04-05

      There are two places to set "Show line numbers"

      1) Window - Preferences - General - Editors - Test Editors, then place a check beside Show line numbers.
      2) Window - Preferences - Perl Epic - Editor, then place a check beside Show line numbers.

      Hope this helps!

      • Blake Sorensen

        Blake Sorensen - 2007-09-05

        I've got line numbers enabled in both places, but still no line numbers visible.  Any suggestions?

        • Jan Ploski

          Jan Ploski - 2007-09-05

          Are you sure you are opening the files with EPIC? (Try "Open With..." from the context menu of the Resources view.)

    • mentor

      mentor - 2007-04-05

      hi manitoulin,

      thx a lot!
      Switching on the line number option in Perl Epic let the numbers appear!


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