Remote Debugging

  • JC Hipolito

    JC Hipolito - 2010-06-15


    Im want to run my debugging in Eclipse.

    We have a proprietary module which resides in a remote unix system.
    Im using Remote System Explorer to edit my perl codes, then use putty to run the debugger.

    Now, i want to run my debugger in Eclipse. How will i setup my Eclipse to do the debugging on this IDE?

    The proprietary module resides in remote unix system.
    The perl bin and lib resides in remote unix system.
    The perl codes also in remote system.

    I want to view the debugging in Eclipse.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2010-06-15

    You definitely need a mirror copy of the source code contained in a project in the local file system for remote debugging to work. Accessing the source code via RSE won't work (no way to set breakpoints or do syntax checking, possibly other problems/exceptions).

    As for the Perl options on the remote side, I recommend that you read the "Debugging mod_perl with EPIC" article for some inspiration, or you can create a Remote Debug configuration and see what options are used in the ZIP archive exported from EPIC when such a configuration is launched.

  • JC Hipolito

    JC Hipolito - 2010-06-16

    thanks man! i get the mirror part, just right click on the remote folder that contains all the codes and select Create Remote Project. I can now add perl nature to that project. Next problem is how to set the Perl Include Path remote modules.

  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2010-06-16

    I didn't mean "Create Remote Project". As long as the project is not a normal, local Perl project, I don't think it will work. AFAICR, there are strong assumptions throughout EPIC code that the files scripts AND modules must be local, that means, they must reside in the local file system. Apart from EPIC code, the files are accessed directly by the local Perl executable during syntax checking, which knows nothing about RSE or "remote projects" (you could, however, mount the remote file system at the OS level, in which case you could avoid the "mirror copy" step perhaps).

    The include path of the project must refer to local files, as usual. When the remote Perl interpreter connects to EPIC to open a debug session, it is queried by EPIC to find out in which remote directory the executing script is found and which remote directories are contained in its @INC. These paths are matched to the local project path and local Perl interpreter's @INC and path prefixes are stripped automatically.

    Perhaps start out with a simple HelloWorld project (launched through the Perl Remote configuration), to get a feeling of how it works. Once again, except for viewing files (perhaps) and offering you a shell, the Remote Systems Explorer has nothing to do with EPIC's remote debugging.

  • JC Hipolito

    JC Hipolito - 2010-06-17

    Thanks man, that enlightens me. Still stuck on setting my mod_perl. do i really need to install apache? if thats the case there is no way for me to set this up, perhaps ill ask our sys admin to do the configuration and opening some port. But dont react yet, i have not read the real chunks…


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