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problems with "open declaration"

m l
  • m l

    m l - 2009-05-20


    Open Declaration does not work for me. For example, if I highlight a fully qualified module name, say SomePackage::SomeModule which is in my perl include path, I get a popup which says "Could not locate module file for package SomePackage". It does not work under any circumstances or for any entity I highlight. My perl include path seems to be right, since every other function in epic which relies on it works.

    Thanks for any help.


    • Jan Ploski

      Jan Ploski - 2009-05-20

      Have you tried a HelloWorld project with a single script referencing a single module contained in that project? Does it work then?

      • m l

        m l - 2009-05-21

        yes, it does work then.

        hmmm... in the project in which it doesn't work, all package names reflect the directory structure, and are relative to the perl include path i have defined. e.g. perl include path is <somedir> and <somedir> contains directory, Somepackage, which contains file,, and I am simply highlighting "Somepackage::Somemodule" in code when I Open Declaration, and it doesn't work.

        The only significant difference I see between how the two projects are configured is that they are in different locations on disk.

        • m l

          m l - 2009-05-21

          the Broken project is outside my workspace... I don't see why that would matter but that may not be a coincidence.

          • Jan Ploski

            Jan Ploski - 2009-05-21

            Was the broken project simply created in an alternative location or is some other trickery (like symlinks or Eclipse's linked folders) involved? You might want to delete the project in Eclipse (without deleting contents on disk) and then re-create it (by specifying the target directory as alternate location) to see if it helps.

            Other than that, you can try debugging the problem yourself, see for instructions. If you do, set a breakpoint in run(ITextSelection selection) in, perform the open declaration action and follow the lookup logic from there.

            • m l

              m l - 2009-05-21

              ok, thanks for the responses. i'll try to report back if i fix it.


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