Building Workspace uses 100% of memory

  • Keith Anthony Boroevich

    When ever I open a certain CGI::Application perl project on a CentOS5 VirtualBox guest machine running Eclipse Indigo 3.7 (build 20110916-0149) and E.P.I.C. 0.5.46 a the "building workspace" perl process ends up using all the available memory and thus freezing the machine.

    I believe the problem may arise from a "Deep recursion on subroutine" bug that I inadvertently created.  If I turn off Project->'Build Automatically' I can open the project.  I suppose this may be more of a bug report than a help question.

  • Jan Ploski

    Jan Ploski - 2011-11-18

    If you have code that runs while the scripts are being compiled (e.g. called from BEGIN blocks), and that code creates an endless loop, that would indeed be a problem because the "perl -c" invocations are not resource-capped in any  way by EPIC. A sensible way to deal with such problems in general might be to set a resource limit (for maximum memory per process) at OS level.


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