EPIC crash after saving ?

  • leo_forge

    leo_forge - 2007-05-30

    I am using EPIC in that way, that the files are located on a Unix-Server and I am working via Samba on my Windows-PC.

    Sometimes it happens, it takes approx 3-4 min after I save a file and then the auto-complete is not any longer available for that file. Also I have serval times an interupt of approx. 30 sec. when nothing could be done and then the Editor start working fine again.

    I have checked the .log, but no messages in it. Since it occurs on random basis, I did not yet recognize any pattern. But since the auto-completer is not any longer available for this one file, I assume EPIC has crashed.

    Any ideas, what to check first?

    • Jan Ploski

      Jan Ploski - 2007-05-30

      I used EPIC for editing files over Samba myself and have experienced delays when the server machine's disk was busy (sometimes 30 seconds delay on save - very annoying), but never an actual crash. My own problems were solved by determining the cause of the delays, which was a backup process running on the server in a wrong time window (it also interfered with other applications, not just EPIC). I recommend that you run vmstat on the Unix server to monitor the blocks in/out statistics for the disk.

      A good way to eliminate Samba as the possible cause of problems would be to switch over to working in a local workspace for the time being and synchronize with the server using another mechanism (rsync?). Of course you'd have to install Perl and the necessary modules on the Windows machine (it's not a big trouble, based on my experience).

      It is puzzling why autocompletion would have to do anything with that. Maybe you're talking about two unrelated problems here. If everything else (editing, syntax highlighting, outline) works on the file and only auto-completion does not work, I would not call it a crash, but perhaps a bug in the autocompletion code. I'd expect autocompletion bugs to be activated by the actual content of the file, so that might be something to experiment with the next time when it happens to you.


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