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Debugger works 1st time then port in use err

  • forkdeath

    forkdeath - 2007-07-26

    I have tried both the stable and test versions but get same error when debugging with Perl CGI.  The first time I run the debugger everything seems to work fine, the browser executes the page and stops at the break point, etc.  Once the page completes I am unable to run the debugger again unless I restart eclipse.  I get a 'Could not connect to debug port!' dialog box error.  I am really not sure the proper procedure to run the debugger again I have tried to various relaunch options in the debug window and re-executing debug from the eclipse tool bar.

    Another question, say I have a page I need to debug but it requires http params to be passed to it.  How do I pass these parameters.  Sorry, newbie here.

    Thanks for any help
    John Hayles

    • Jan Ploski

      Jan Ploski - 2007-07-26

      When debugging CGI scripts, you don't have to relaunch the debugger for each script. Just point the browser started by the debugger to another address and the page will be loaded withing the currently active debugging session. Or refresh the current page (it will run in the debugger again).

      If you wish to restart the debugger for some reason (like having changed launch configuration parameters such as environment variables), the correct procedure is to terminate the debugging session by selecting it in the Debug view and clicking on Terminate, then start another one from the Debug... dialog.

      Regarding the HTTP parameters, if your page accepts them using the GET method, just append the parameters you need to the page's URL in the browser. On the other hand, if they are passed via POST, you will have to write an entry page with a form which points to the target page and submit the form in the browser.

      • Tom Green

        Tom Green - 2007-09-07

        Hello *,

        I experience the same difficulties, I only can start the debugger once too.

        >If you wish to restart the debugger for some reason (like having changed launch configuration parameters such as environment >variables), the correct procedure is to terminate the debugging session by selecting it in the Debug view and clicking on Terminate, >then start another one from the Debug... dialog.

        Following the above instructions doesn't work out unfortunately. After the debugger has been terminated I did a netstat on the used port, in my case 5004. All I got was:

        tcp6       0      0 localhost.localdo:35704 localhost.localdom:5004 TIME_WAIT  -

        After relaunching the debugger I got "Could not connect to debug port!" I got no other error messages apart from this. Not even on the console where I'm running eclipse.

        What irritates me too is that the "Terminate" Button, where the console output from Eclipse is given, is still active. Clicking on it leads to no reaction.

        A complete relaunch of eclipse does the job though.

        Apart from this annoyance is debugging with EPIC a great help!


    • forkdeath

      forkdeath - 2007-07-27

      Thanks for the info.  Your description is just as I would expect the debugger to work.

      I did discover why the debugger was quitting on me.  The page had a redirect in it to another web site which caused the debugger quit functioning.  I will go the the browser and return to the application but break point no longer work.   If I remove the redirect the debugging session works fine. 

      The other issue still exists.  I am unable to restart the debugger without restarting eclipse.  I can see in the console the debugger uses port 5004 on the 1st debugger start.  If I terminate the session by selection it in the Debug View and clicking Terminate Eclipse appears to terminate the session.  When I attempt to restart from the Debug dialog I get the 'Could not connect to debug port!' error.  I see that it attempts on a different port 5005 and the console stops at starting handler: file.

      2nd attempt to start debugger console data...

          Found default config file
          Server started on 5005
          LOG: 5 5005-server: main.: starting handler: cgi
          LOG: 5 5005-server: main.: starting handler: file

      Thanks for any help
      John Hayles

      • Jan Ploski

        Jan Ploski - 2007-07-27

        Redirects should not affect the debugger in any way, as long as the pages to-be-debugged are loaded through EPIC's internal web server.

        Each CGI debugging session uses several ports above 5000. You can see it listening on these ports when you run 'netstat' in the DOS box. It would be interesting to know whether they are released when you terminate the session (their state should no longer be 'LISTEN' after that). It could be that the TCP implementation under Windows keeps closed ports reserved for a while even though nothing is listening on them any more.

    • Emlyn

      Emlyn - 2007-10-01

      I'm having similar issues.

      I have freshly installed Eclipse v3.3.1 + EPIC 0.6.15, on Windows 2003 Server. I've got "stop at first statement" turned on.

      I have a project with one cgi file, called "index.cgi":
      use strict;

      print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
      print "<H1>Hello World</H1>\n";

      I set up a Perl CGI configuration, which points to index.cgi, and uses the external browser (I can't make the internal one work). Then I run that from the toolbar. My browser starts up (I've used both Firefox and IE6, no difference).

      Console output:
      Found default config file
      Server started on 5004
      LOG: 5 5004-server: main.: starting handler: cgi
      LOG: 5 5004-server: main.: starting handler: file
      LOG: 4 5004-server: new connection
      LOG: 3 5004- Request 24 GET /ScratchWS/index.cgi HTTP/1.1
      LOG: 5 5004- main.: invoking handler: cgi
      LOG: 5 5004- suffix=.cgi,.pl root=X:/svn/Perl url: /ScratchWS/index.cgi
      LOG: 5 5004- Checking for suffix: .cgi
      LOG: 5 5004- looking for: X:\svn\Perl\ScratchWS\index.cgi
      LOG: 5 5004- found: X:\svn\Perl\ScratchWS\index.cgi

      Debug stack:
      index.cgi [Perl CGI]   
          CGI Perl Debugger   
              <suspended> Main Thread   
                  index.cgi[line: 4]   
          Web Server   
          CGI Process   

      netstat -a -b (only eclipse related stuff):

        TCP    EmlynGADev:5001        EmlynGADev:2663        ESTABLISHED     4788

        TCP    EmlynGADev:5002        EmlynGADev:2664        ESTABLISHED     4788

        TCP    EmlynGADev:5003        EmlynGADev:2665        ESTABLISHED     4788

        TCP    EmlynGADev:5004        EmlynGADev:2666        ESTABLISHED     4416

        TCP    EmlynGADev:2667        EmlynGADev:5000        ESTABLISHED     3904

        TCP    EmlynGADev:5000        EmlynGADev:2667        ESTABLISHED     4788

      Eclipse breaks on the first line of my file (well, line 4 in fact), and I can step-through debug. Now if I step through using F5 or F6, everything will work and I'll see the output correctly in the browser once I finish stepping through the file. I can hit refresh in the browser, and I'll be stepping through the file again, great! Also, before refreshing the browser, I can modify the source as desired, save it, and the new source will be stepped through after refresh. Awesome!


      If I hit Resume at a point where it'll run off the end of the file without hitting a breakpoint, I get a debug stack that says

      Web Server
          <terminated>Main Thread
      CGI Process

      Now, I typed that in myself there, because I can't copy. If I try to do Ctrl-C on "index.cgi[Perl CGI]" in the debug window, I consistently get

      "Copy" did not complete normally.  Please see the log for more information.
      null argument:

      which doesn't seem too healthy.

      At this point, I'm dead as far as debugging is concerned. I can click the "Terminate" button on "index.cgi[Perl CGI]", and it seems to mostly work (the red square greys out, java.exe stops in the process manager), but I can never click the X button to really get rid of everything from the debug display. I can run "netstat -a -b" and I get the following line related to EPIC:

        TCP    EmlynGADev:5000        EmlynGADev:0           LISTENING       5432

      That's Eclipse (EPIC I presume) hanging on to port 5000, so that if I try to restart debugging on index.cgi from the toobar I get this on the console:

      Found default config file
      Server started on 5005
      LOG: 5 5005-server: main.: starting handler: cgi
      LOG: 5 5005-server: main.: starting handler: file

      And I get the now famous message "Could not connect to debug port!".


      Also, if I step off the end of my program using F5 or F6, as detailed above, I can restart debugging via refresh as I've said, but if I try to terminate (using the "Terminate" red square button), I get into the same trouble with hanging onto port 5000, and have to restart Eclipse.


      Here is another scenario, that does work for me:

      Begin debugging,

      While still stepping through the program, I can click on "index.cgi [Perl CGI]" and terminate it. Then, I can press the XX button (Remove all Terminated Launches). Then, with Windows Task Manager open, I'll see "perl.exe" going nuts, taking all cpu. So I kill that. Finally, I start debugging again from the eclipse toolbar, and that works.


      So, here's a Perl CGI debugging workaround I use, which might work for someone else who's having similar problems:

      - Start your debugging configuration
      - Step through as required. NEVER PRESS CONTINUE, unless you know a breakpoint will stop the run before the end.
      - If you want to prematurely abort and restart debugging, do the following:
         - Select "<your file> [Perl CGI]" in the debugging window
         - Terminate it
         - do "Remove all Terminated Launches"
         - in Windows Task Manager, kill perl.exe
         - in Eclipse, Restart debugging configuration (or, instead of restarting,
           note that this is a good place to go back to the Perl Perspective and keep coding).
      - If you have stepped off the end of your file, do the following:
         - Refresh the browser
         - You should find debugging has restarted

      If you need to use "Continue" (hey, it's useful!) try putting a stub line at the end of your file (maybe print ""), and put a breakpoint on it. Once you've done this, it's easiest to do debugging by stepping through the bit you care about, "continue"ing to the last line, stepping off the end with F6, and then pressing refresh in your browser.

      • Jan Ploski

        Jan Ploski - 2007-10-01

        Thanks for the elaborate description of the problem. I was able to reproduce the invalid behavior you describe using Eclipse 3.3.0 on Linux (Eclipse 3.2/Windows worked correctly). A fix is committed to CVS, so the bug should disappear in the next release of 'testing'.

        • Emlyn

          Emlyn - 2007-10-15

          Just for completeness's sake, I wanted to let you know that the problem is now resolved in my environment as of release 0.6.15 . Thanks very much, it's a great plugin!

          • Emlyn

            Emlyn - 2007-10-15

            no, excuse me, I mean it's fixed in 0.6.16


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