bhirt - 2004-10-28

No, I'm not running windows ;)

I've keep getting this error on my mac when i try to debug.  I'm running the latest version of eclipse and the 0.3 version of EPIC.  I've tried the 0.3.8 version too, and the same problem.  The message is about 630 lines long, so I don't want to post it right here.   Any ideas what kind of problem this might be caused by?

Here's the stack trace when the exception is thrown.  I'll dig into PerlVarParses.parseVars and see what i can find.  Contact me if you want the contents of the perl var info.

at org.epic.debug.varparser.PerlVarParser.logParsError(PerlVarParser.jav
        at org.epic.debug.varparser.PerlVarParser.parseVars(
        at org.epic.debug.varparser.PerlVarParser.parseVars(
        at org.epic.debug.PerlDB.setVarList(
        at org.epic.debug.PerlDB.access$4(
        at org.epic.debug.PerlDB$