running remote perl also for syntax checking

david gang
  • david gang

    david gang - 2009-06-25

    Hi all,

    I have a question.
    I want to use eclipse from a windows machine to run perl with all the libraries installed there on linux.
    Furthermore i want that the linux perl will also be used for syntax checking.
    How do i make it ?


    • Rajiv Gupta

      Rajiv Gupta - 2009-06-25

      There are few options that I tried and finally settle down to one.

      1. You can do syntax check using smb. Create smb share on your linux and export your perl lib and your project. You can still use local Perl executable in eclipse. In your project include linux paths keep linux libraries on the top. To run remotely you probably can use external tool to loging and run script. I used rlogin and wrote a small script to run on remote machine. (NOT preferred method, lot of performance issue and too much tweaking)

      2. Use Cygwin perl, EPIC has option to use perl interpreter as cygwin type. In this case also you need to export your perllibs and project.

      3. Use Cygwin - X, copy your eclipse in your linux user space and use X to run. Simple but slow. I sticked to this method for long time unless I fed-up with Windows and decided to migrate myself.

      4. Use Linux that's all, rest all you know. I have migrated my desktop to Debian, ubuntu 9.04 and I have everything what I want to do without compromising the performance.



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