patspam - 2008-05-27

EPIC 0.5.45 ships with perltidy v1.46 which doesn't support the Perl Best Practices formatting shortcut (-pbp or --perl-best-practices).

It looks like EPIC calls perltidy as follows:
"<PATH_TO_YOUR_PERL>" "perltidy" "-q" "--indent-columns=4" "--maximum-line-length=80" "--entab-leading-whitespace=4" <EXTRA_ARGUMENTS_YOU_SUPPLY>

Relative to the dir:

The dir listed above has a local copy of Perl::Tidy as well as the perltidy script.

Thus if you install your own version of perltidy, e.g. (Ubuntu)
apt-get install perltidy

And then replace EPIC's perltidy script with your own:
cd <ECLIPSE_PLUGINS_DIR>/org.epic.perleditor/perlutils/perltidy/
mv perltidy perltidy.orig
ln -s /usr/bin/perltidy perltidy

And 'hide' EPIC's local copy of Perl::Tidy from perl:
cd <ECLIPSE_PLUGINS_DIR>/org.epic.perleditor/perlutils/perltidy/
mv Perl Perl.orig

Then EPIC will start using the (newer) version of PerlTidy that you installed. PBP bliss!