Anonymous - 2009-11-17

I tried to edit some scripts  (meaning: outside of project tree) with Eclipse, but i did not had proper support.

First, if my script does not have an extension (pl), i did not find any way it act like "perl script" for Eclipse, not even syntax highlighting. (AFAIK pl-extension means "perl library", so i don't use it for scripts, with purpose.)

Then i made a link from script -> After opening this link, i got syntax highlighting to work and line numbers appeared. But still nothing in outline ("An outline is not available") and #TODO-lines have still no meaning for EPIC.

When i make a project, files with pl and pm extensions act well.

How can  i use IDE-functionality with just single (but big enough) script? At least outline view would be fine.

Eclipse 3.5.1 (don't know, where to look for EPIC version, but installed through Eclipse some weeks ago)