Mylar integration

  • Clinton Gormley

    Clinton Gormley - 2006-12-20

    Hi all

    Is there any move to build a structure bridge to integrate EPIC with Mylar?

    If you don't know Mylar, it is a really useful task manager within Eclipse, which integrates with Bugzilla/TRAC/Jira and subversion/cvs.

    See here for a webinar:

    And here for the integration docs:

    Unfortunately, I don't know Java at all, so I can't participate in building it.

    But check out the webinar, somebody HAS to be inspired to do it.


    • Jae Gangemi

      Jae Gangemi - 2006-12-20

      mylar isn't supported on eclipse 3.1 any longer (well, you can get up to version 0.6.0 - but nothing more current), and there hasn't been a decision to abandon support for 3.1 in epic (i don't think it would make sense to maintain two slightly different code bases to handle this integration) - so there is no implementation currently planned.

      if it was decided to go this route and only support 3.2, i'd like to see it take an entirely different direction and integrate w/ the dynamic languages toolkit (which has already has this and support for other features that have been requested [jdt-like build paths] right out of the box) and become an even more powerful tool.

      there was a discussion on whether epic should stay 3.1 compatible here:

    • Jan Ploski

      Jan Ploski - 2006-12-20

      Thanks for the link. The Mylar project certainly delivers some quite impressive and desirable functionality. I have not used Mylar myself so far, but after seeing this presentation I wish to look into it over Christmas/New Year.

      Jae correctly pointed out EPIC's backwards compatibility with 3.1. I think it would be acceptable to break this compatibility in the 'testing' branch while keeping it in 'stable'. Sometime before this step, I'd like to rename the current 'testing' to 'stable' and release it as 0.6.0. The main motivation is that we now have two different version of org.epic.debug, so bug fixing in the debugger only happens in 'testing'. However, in order to stay useful, 'stable' must permit bug fixes in org.epic.debug as well, particularly when 'testing' is no longer an option for some users due to missing 3.1 compatibility.

    • Clinton Gormley

      Clinton Gormley - 2006-12-21

      For reference, I opened an enhancement request on the Mylar list, which they have marked as 'helpwanted':

      And many thanks for the awesome job you guys have done on Epic - it's the first IDE that has given me a reason to stop using just a text editor.

      merry christmas to all.


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