Vidamus - 2003-04-06

Hi There,

I have just started using Eclipse for Perl development and I am also using your plugin. I love all of your features so far and I know it is early days yet for EPIC but I am finding the editor a bit limited in comparison to my previous editor Visual SlickEdit. Obviously SlickEdit is a mature commercial product and I don't expect all the same features but I thought I would share my thoughts on what I would really like to see in the EPIC Perl editor and also to offer my help to see these things happen.

Firstly I have only been using Eclipse for a couple of days so if any of these fetures already exist behind some obscure option or hotkey then please forgive me. Secondly I am not really sure about which parts of the editor are default Eclipse behavior and which parts are changeable from a plug-in but here we go:

Features I would really like to have in EPIC:

Perl syntax highlighting and quick reference
* More advanced syntax highlighting
* More verbose quick reference pop-ups
* Quick reference pop-ups on my own functions that show the contents of the comment block that is immediately above the sub declaration in my source file.
* The quick reference pop-up for a function appears as soon as you open the left parenthesis and then goes away as soon as you close the right parenthesis.

Basic editor functions:
* Rectangular block text selection with right mouse button and coresponding cut/copy/paste operations on said blocks.
* Repeated presses of the home key toggles the cursor between the first non-whitespace char and the very start of the line (column 1)
* Option to have the cut or copy operation also de-select the highlighted text.
* A Find function that has the option to open a perspective window that shows a list of all the lines that matched the text you entered with the matched text highlighted on each line. Clicking on a line in the perspective window takes the cursor to that line in the main editor.

I would love to dive in and help you out with this but I have never programmed in Java before. Having said that I would be more than happy to do data entry for the info provided by quick reference and you never I know I might finally dust off some of those Java books on the bookshelf.

Keep up the good work.